2011年11月14日 星期一

Got it Right ;]

Hi lovelies,

I went to a charity funfair last week, grabbed a few pieces of Monet jewelleries in one of the booths at a very affordable price.
Usually I prefer acessories in either silver , bronze or dirty gold, cause usually acessories pieces that i got from HnM, Primark and F21 won't last long (YESS! They are very affordable and great for different styles ;] ). For the "gold" would actually fade or easily scratched off, sometimes it would even stain my fingers :[
For the pieces I chose, it is written on the tag that they were 14k gold, which i think would make the pieces last longer somehow (hopefully). The first impression when i tried the ring on is that WOW the material is real sturdy! Though it's just a simple piece, I kind of adore how clean and antique looking it is.

The earrings are lovely too! The ones on the left are studs and clip-on on the right.
I really adore the pair on the right, with the dangling gold part. I didn't realise they are clip-ons untill i got home. But hey, it's really cute. I've actually tried them on, the clips don't really hurt my ears :] (I would still wear them even if they do! LOL) the only thing i am worried about is losing them, cause they are not really secured on your ears like studs. But I guess somehowthe clip-on part would add some more "antique" feelings to it ;] LIKE!
Hope you guys like this little sharing,
Untill next time ;]


2011年4月10日 星期日


Can you believe ? it's SPRING!

Finally, I've handed in my dissertation...YEAY!!

To celebrate the joyful time, we have pretty flowers all over the football field here...

we even get to have...

SAKURA :] LOL just kidding... but me and my friends did took a walk at the seaside park.....

Swans are simply so elegant.... not until....

believe it or not..they had a fight... and the Swans Won....LOL

You can't say spring started without shopping spree right? well...it's not really a spree...it's a deal..

From Kurt Geiger,

I got this pair of French Connection heels for UK$35 SALE i totally adore the black satin texture and the bow... am totally shot right in the heart when i saw the pair LOL I think i am going to wear this pair for my graduation ceremony? ( or some other spesh occassions ;] )

From Ted Baker, bought this for my friend....

it's their bow detail ikonita (UK$17 SALE)

needless to explain the cuteness of this bag...

Cream color bow on black bag...

it's what i consider "Chanel-like" elegance..get it?

the bag actually comes in a bigger size and few other color, but somehow this small one suits my friend better .

Going to mail her this next week :]

Still got 5 essays in hand...due after Easter break... gotta work hard...sigh...finger x

hope you guys enjoy your spring time like me ;]

Unti Next time,

2011年2月11日 星期五

Have been quite a while since... ;P

Hello! :D

hum...it has been quite a while....ever since I've moved to UK ;P

there are a lot for me to see and learn here.

In just the past few months, I've learnt a lot and widen my horizon.

I am currently at a place in UK where I could do a lot of shopping LOL

Today i went to H&M, and bought a black short sleeves top (UK$7.99) from their spring/summer collection , I like how the top got cotton laces on the sleeves, which cotton laces are something quite inordinary to find these days. It's totally feminine ( my type of thing) and is also casual when it's paired up with jeans ( skinny preferably) and boots :]

I choose to pair it up my H&M chiffon bandage skirt i got earlier. The laces on the sleeves are layered out which it would be broadening your shoulder while the bandage skirt would fit and hold your wasit and hips in their places.

As I have chosen both a black top and bottom, accessories i would prefer something more of a glam.
Pearls and gold would definitely do the job. I got this pair of earrings from Miss Selfridge, for UK$3 ( on sale). I really adore how glamourous it looks. Gorgeous with black jumpsuit and black heels. LOL I also adore this piece... This classy black and white daisy bracelet is from Primark for UK$2.5. For the price is really a bargain, it would be a must have which could possibly goes with most outfit I got. ( esp. dresses).

I am a bit obssessed with the laces i guess....LOL

The top is really comfy as it's in jersy, its also a bit strechy.

I really like it :p

Hope you guys like it too <3


2010年8月5日 星期四

Queen of Hearts ♥

I came across this pair of earrings.It looks familiar to me at the shop but i just couldn't think of what it is. And then I thought to myself for quite a while....

Still remember this face?

She is The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland ( by Tim Burton) !

Maybe the movie one is not quite what you feel but the cartoon version should definitely is!

Just look at the color of the Queen's clothes. It got red,black and white on the outside; yellow and black on the inside.

The outside is pretty poker-ish (why not? her guards are pokers, remember?)

I also like how it looks when I put it on, the line of hearts simply dangles down like a chandelier ( ok maybe not as gorgeous as that, but u get what i mean LOL)
The Red Queen would wear this pair of earrings, wouldn't she?
or is it too small for her huge heart shape head ?
Until next post,

2010年8月3日 星期二

BUSY like a BEE :[

Have been so busy lately, meeting up with friends and occupied by pre-school stuff.

In around 1 month's time, I will be leaving my home and study overseas :[ I think i will miss my life a lot.

Anyhow, I am pretty addicted to manicure. I really like painting my nails into different fun color ( esp. when it's summer time now :D) Because O.P.I. nail polishes are pretty "rare" and costly in where i live, I always look for alternatives (which is Revlon most of the time). While i was in Seoul, I came across a brand called Nature Republic.

And I picked this really nice minty green color ( which is like Tiffany & Co. 's iconic color) ,which I really adore! I have been wearing this varnish for around 3 days, and not much chipping could be found ( just a lil bit). I think the consistency of the polish is fine, I've applied two coats to achieve the effect in the pic. After removing the polish, I don't really find any "yellow-ing" effect.

But unfortunately, I could find this brand else where other than in South Korea. hahaha, that's the only bad point i guess.

I think the closest dupe would be China glaze's For Audrey, which is again something i couldn't lay my hands on from where i live :'[

Until next blog,

2010年7月24日 星期六

Cocktail Rings are not only for cocktails❤

I really like big rings, i think it adds characters and draws attentions away from your fingers. As a matter of fact, I don't really have those girly slender, thin fingers. Mine are pretty big and kindda "man-ly". I enjoy putting on some really fancy rings, adding feminine to my "man-ly" fingers.

Like the above ring, I bought it from F21 when i was in Seoul. It fits with 2 fingers together. When I was wearing it, my friend do ask me whether it bothers me, but i really don't see how it bothers me. I don't see what things u need to handle with 2 fingers separated moving ( unless u are an alien :P)

This ring goes with different outfits, as it mainly compiles of black, white and gold color. I really like the elegant and chic look it brings :]

Until next blog,

2009年9月6日 星期日

Shop! ❤Shop! ❤Shop! ❤

Bought a few things today!
Finally got my bag which i've ordered online earlier ... it's kindda Chanel inspired i guess ?
can fit in my books , so it's perfect for school.

Have been looking for the perfect pink shades through out this summer (or since last summer?!)Finally see the PERFECT one in Cotton On. It fits my face ..LOL and most importantly it's PINK
(more on the purple side :P)
Got the pink HK body splash, HK lip balm and pearls earring from HnM ! They are alll soooo cute !

n the lip balm is soo cute ! it even goes along with my Pink Fish <3>